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Overhead Transmission Line

  • Stringing overhead conductors & laying underground cables

  • Cable fault location

  • Hardware, Fittings, and Accessories

  • HV Surge Arrester

  • Test & Measurement equipment

  • SF6 Products

  • HV Suspension Insulators

  • Hydraulic tools

  • HV & MV Transformers

  • Transformer Oil filtering (Treatment)

  • HV / MV Disconnectors

  • Conductor aluminum alloy type AAAC & ACSR

Electrical Power Distribution

  • HV / MV Switchgear

  • HV Fuse switch

  • Electrical safety equipment & tools

  • HV / MV Circuit breakers

  • HV Distribution transformers

  • Mobile substations

  • NiCd Battery

  • Skylift

Variety Products

  • Aviation warning devices

  • Obstruction lighting system for HV lines

  • HV cable-day marker

  • High power street light

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Image by American Public Power Associati

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Our History

From a supplier of electrical equipment to the local market and the implementation of some contracts for the Ministry of Electricity to a supplier of products specialized in generating, transmitting, and distributing electrical energy, this is a brief summary of the work history spanning several years, and it all started in early 2004.


We were on ongoing tireless activity with our successful business in the field of selling medical products that we started with since 1996, then many doors opened for us with great opportunities that were available for us to work in the field of electricity as well, and our focus was on signing contracts with the Ministry of Electricity in addition to the Ministry of Health. We began to look for partners who manufacture high-quality products with commitment and reliability from all over the world in the medical and electrical fields.
Numerous tenders were executed, and we provided various types of products.
And that was the major turning point in our history.

In 2006, we were agents of several manufacturers in the electrical field.
We distinguished ourselves in the Egyptian local market and became one of the pioneers in supplying electrical energy products in cooperation with contractors implementing the tenders of the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity.
We also started to supply Iraq with electrical energy products, and we cooperated with the contractors to implement the bids of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity as well.


Our business has expanded to be another start for us from Jordan in addition to Egypt, and with the vast experience that we have for many years, interspersed with close commercial relations in the local markets of many Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as our commercial relations with the leading global factories had helped us in our expansion in a short period.
Our role in Jordan was great in cooperation with contractors to implement tenders in the Jordanian Ministry of Electricity and its directorates.
Our close location to the Iraqi land border was an advantage that helped us import and export many electrical energy products to Iraq.
After that, our activities expanded in North Africa from Egypt and the Middle East from Jordan and Iraq, then our business increased to include most of the countries of the Arab and Gulf regions, depending on the efficiency of our teams of the professional engineers who are distinguished by extensive experience, efficiency, and dedication to their performance to pursue our business.


Now our mission in managing and following up our business, which has become headquartered in Germany as IMUNEX GmbH, is to provide our customers with high-quality products from the heart of Europe.
We will continue our relentless efforts to consolidate our name further in the fields of electricity and medicine in order to achieve an elevation of our reputation as a company whose name is linked to providing customers with the same factory prices, credibility in dealing, and fair competition, in order to achieve our goal of becoming the best choice for our valued customers in the fields of electricity and medicine alike.


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