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Botanical Extracts

Globally credible one-stop for premium quality to get Organic Extracts, Plant Extracts, Essential Oils or Organic Herbal Extract.

Product Categories

We embrace extraction science and innovation to globally provide herbal extracts, nutraceuticals, oils and oleoresin for use in the pharmaceutical, nutritional and food industries.


Essential Oils

Our Products Regulations

We're very keen in following the global regulatory requirements:

TGA and USFDA CGMP standards for dietary supplements, Korean FDA (KFDA) and European market regulations.

As well as, we're keen that our products are Halal and Kosher certified.

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Through the partnerships with the farmers and farm communities, we maintain a solid supply chain that guarantees natural and organic compliance and quality control from the source to the final destination.


Years Experience


Satisfied Customers




Farming Space

Industrial Area

Our vision

Is to set the highest standards of customer satisfaction and product development during manufacturing, delivery and in all other areas and to be a world leader in this field.

Good Manufacturing Practices ensure the purity, consistent composition and quality of all end products.

Fresh from farmer to you


Manufacturing Process

1 - Sourcing.png

1 - Sourcing

2 - Reception.png

2 - Reception

3 - Raw Material Analysis.png

3 - Raw Material Analysis

4 - Extraction.png

4 - Extraction

5 - Product Release.png

5 - Product Release

6 - Storage.png

6 - Storage

7 - Delivery.png

7 - Delivery

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