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We thoroughly follow USFDA, TGA, MEDSAFE and EU guidelines, in all our products' range.


Extracted from roots, flowers, stems, and other parts of trees, plants, herbs, and shrubs, Essential Oils have been used for thousands of years for health, medicinal, cosmetic and aromatic purposes.
This concentrated liquid contains therapeutic properties, soothing aroma and qualitative characteristics that make Essential Oils useful in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, personal care products, food, dietary supplements and aroma therapies.

Our company – one of the globally leading Health and Nutrition providers, offers a range of herbal extracts for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dietary supplements, food, and personal care products. It is known for possessing natural properties that make Health and Nutrition effective for varied purposes, especially for making Ayurvedic and Herbal Medicines.

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Our company is one of the well-known Natural Color providers that bring you 100% organic and chemical-free hues for adding a pleasing touch to your product. We don’t want chemical colors to hamper the quality and taste of products, like food, medicines, personal care items, etc. Hence, we bring 100% Natural Color.

If you need help finding the best color combination for your application, let us help you.

It is true that health is a great wealth

Our company processes and supplies a range of standardized herbal extracts and phytochemicals for use in nutritional supplements and medicinal herbal products.

All ingredients are tested using internationally approved methods to verify their potency.



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Plant-based Minerals requires no special introduction, they are appreciated for possessing several health characteristics and have been used for various purposes such as Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Personal Care Industry requirements.
Obtained from natural sources, the plant minerals are free from decorative matter and safe for making various products. 

We're is one of the highly regarded vegan vitamins suppliers serving the bulk requirements of various industries, including food, nutritional supplements, personal care, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.
These are better than synthetic plant vitamins because of the lower toxicity risks involved.

If you are searching for one of the trusted Plant-Based Vitamins Exporters and Suppliers, we have got you. 




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